Watch CNN FRAUD Brian Stelter Urge Trump To Accept The Outcome BEFORE THE ELECTION (VIDEO)

Isn’t it amazing how much has changed since election day? Back in the fall, when everyone in liberal media was absolutely sure Hillary would win, Trump’s suggestion that he might contest a close election was considered dangerous and unthinkable.

CNN’s Brian Stelter even urged Trump to think of his children because accepting election results is part of what makes America great.

The liberals at the Huffington Post just loved this:

Brian Stelter Sums Up Why Trump’s Rigged Election Claims Are So Dangerous

Donald Trump’s ongoing effort to convince his supporters that the election is rigged is a dangerous threat to American democracy and the media needs to call him out, CNN’s Brian Stelter said Sunday.

In an address delivered during his show “Reliable Sources,” Stelter pointed out that the Republican nominee’s attempts to discredit the election system over the last year haven’t received as much attention from reporters recently, as such comments have become par for the course. That, Stelter argues, needs to change.

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“Mr. Trump, think of your children,” Stelter concluded. “America is great partly because everyone accepts the results of elections, for decades in the past and hopefully for decades to come. Inventing a conspiracy theory is no way to make America great again.”

Here’s the video:

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These idiots think we don’t remember what they said a matter of weeks ago.

It’s astounding.


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