Watch Dallas Residents Hug And Thank Police Officers (VIDEOS)

Hugging Police

The horrific situation in Dallas did bring out one good thing as residents embraced police officers and thanked them for the dangerous and important work they do every day.

The Blaze reported:

Video of Dallas Residents Hugging Police Officers Will Melt Your Heart

One day after five Dallas police officers were murdered and nine others (seven of them officers) were injured in a premeditated attack, locals gathered in downtown Dallas to show their support.

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Several officers lined the street as residents took turns offering hugs and handshakes as a sign of gratitude.

Atlanta Buzz posted a video of the event on Facebook. As of Saturday morning, the 10-minute clip had received more than 23 million views.

Watch the video:

Here’s another one:

It’s easy to forget but there are still plenty of good people out there.

Moments like this deserve recognition.


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