WATCH: Diamond And Silk REACT WITH JOY To Trump Officially Becoming President (VIDEO)

This will give you chills!

Diamond and Silk were early supporters of Trump. They started supporting him through their YouTube channel, calling themselves the “Stump For Trump” ladies.

Then, they joined Trump at stadium events.

Here’s the first time they appeared with Trump on the campaign trail:

As black women, Diamond and Silk endured a lot of abuse from Liberals.

They took it in stride. They didn’t let the abuse deter them from the goal of getting Donald Trump elected.

And they did it!

On Inauguration Day, Diamond and Silk were in the crowd. They were there when Trump was officially announced as President of the United States.

Watch their reaction:

As the rain fell, they said, “These are showers of blessing!”

Thanks for all your hard work, Ladies!

You played a big part in Donald Trump becoming President!

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