WATCH: ENORMOUS CROWD Welcomes Trump to Florida (VIDEO)

Today, the Trump campaign was in St. Augustine, Florida. An enormous crowd was there. With tons of energy!

The mainstream media never turns its cameras on the crowd. They don’t want everyone to see how many people support Trump. They don’t want everyone to see how many “deplorables” there are in the world!

But today, one camera did. Via David Martosko, here was the crowd today when Trump entered:

And here was the line to get in, three hours before:

When it was time for Trump to speak, he delivered this message:

From the video:

“I will never let you be the forgotten people again . . . I will never let you down – I promise! I will never, ever let you down. When we win, your voice will move through the halls of Washington and will be heard all across the world. This is bigger than Brexit, what’s going on. And folks, get out and vote!”


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