WATCH: Kellyanne Crushes MSNBC Host Over Trump Cabinet Confirmation Process (VIDEO)

Kellyanne Conway was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe today and Mike Barnacle thought he was going to get tough with her over Trump’s cabinet confirmations. Kellyanne took him to school.

Here’s a transcript via Legal Insurrection:

MIKE BARNICLE: Now, do you or do you not have a replacement plan ready to go, ramped up, ready to go, say tomorrow?

KELLYANNE CONWAY: We have pieces of it that we need to —

BARNICLE: — pieces.

CONWAY: Well, we don’t have an HHS Secretary confirmed yet. Go ask Minority Leader Schumer and the rest if they’re going to give him a fair hearing, if they’re even going to meet with him. I mean, we’re ready to go. But we’re not the only party; we’re certainly the majority party. We need some help and we need some assistance by the Democrats to at least be fair and have meetings and of course timely and fair.

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BARNICLE: So you’re asking the Democrats to be as fair as the Republicans were —

CONWAY: — they were very fair. Excuse me, President Obama had seven of his cabinet members confirmed on January 20, 2009, his inauguration day. Are you going to guarantee me the same courtesy? It doesn’t sound that way if you read The Hill and the Washington Post, yesterday. And then he had five more that week. President Bush had nine his first week. He had State and Defense and Ag and Commerce and Education and Energy and Treasury. Are we going to have that? It doesn’t seem that way.

Watch the video:

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It’s great that Kellyanne is so good at pushing back like this.

The media is unfair and they obviously need to be reminded of that pretty often.


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