WATCH: Mark Levin Cites Liberal Media’s Own Reports As Evidence Of Obama Wiretapping Trump (VIDEO)

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin appeared on FOX and Friends this weekend and used the liberal media’s own reporting to offer evidence that Trump is right about being wiretapped.

Citing report after report from the likes of the New York Times, the Washington Post and other liberal outlets, Levin makes a rock solid case.

Mediaite reported:

The Evidence is Overwhelming’: Mark Levin on Obama Wiretap Accusations

“They were so aggressive, they waited four or five months, they go back in October, weeks before the general election, they narrow their request, all of the sudden we have leaks coming out on [Michael] Flynn. Then we have a “Oh horrible” meeting that took place between [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions and so forth. And I’m telling you as a former chief of staff to a United States attorney general in the [Ronald] Regan administration, these are police state tactics.”

The conservative pundit would then go on to defend POTUS, saying, “The evidence is overwhelming … Donald Trump is the victim. His campaign is the victim. His transition team is the victim. His surrogates are the victims.”

Here is the must watch video:

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