Watch Matt Gaetz Take General Milley Apart Over Afghanistan Withdrawal (VIDEO)

The hearings on Afghanistan continued this week and Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz got a chance to give an earful to General Milley on behalf of the American people.

People are very angry about the way the Afghanistan withdrawal was handled, especially after the death of 13 service members.

Gaetz spoke to Milley pretty frankly.

Red State reported:

Matt Gaetz Reduces Gen. Milley to Rubble Over Afghanistan and Takes Biden Down in the Process

In the midst of Democrat softballs constantly being thrown his way, Gen. Mark Milley was finally confronted with someone who didn’t come to play around. Florida Republican Matt Gaetz brutalized Milley in a way that had the general looking very uncomfortable in his seat.

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What’s more, Gaetz swung and hit President Joe Biden square in the process.

Gaetz came swinging out of the gate immediately at Milley, making it clear that his call about pulling out of Afghanistan was a massive error.

“You really blew that call didn’t you, General?” asked Gaetz.

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Milley began to respond that they were in a “strategic stalemate” but Gaetz cut him off and pointed out that Milley focused more on writing his book “Peril” with investigative journalist Bob Woodward than he spent analyzing “the very likely prospect” that the Afghanistan government would be overrun and toppled by the Taliban should the U.S. have departed as we did.

Milley denied this but Gaetz was immediately back on him.

“Oh really? Because you said right after Kabul fell that no one could have anticipated the immediate fall of the Ghani government.”

Watch the video:

General Milley should resign.

The American people no longer trust him.


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