WATCH: Stuart Varney Exposes Elizabeth Warren AS A FRAUD (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren is in the news today because she got shut down for pulling a stunt in the senate last night. Democrats are holding her up as some kind of hero but Stuart Varney of FOX Business has a reminder for them.

They might want to recall her fraudulent past.

Varney says:

“Senator Elizabeth Warren has emerged as a leader for far left Democrats, in fact she’s emerged as a leader for the entire Democrat Party. She eloquently reflects the deep contempt the party clearly feels for President Trump. Before Democrats get carried away with their new champion, they should perhaps take a closer look at Senator Warren’s history. Could be embarrassing.”

“She applied for a job as a law professor at Harvard. She listed her ethnicity as Native American. She got the job, Harvard boasted about its diversity. Unfortunately, Senator Warren had exaggerated her minority status. She does not qualify as Native American. She had played the liberal racial spoils game. She had cheated.”

“Later, Senator Warren railed against the wicked Wall Street bankers who had stolen people’s homes during the financial crisis. Unfortunately, the National Review revealed she had herself flipped houses. She had bought foreclosed property, she had taken advantage of distressed homeowners. She made a very nice profit.”

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You can read all about Warren’s past here.

Watch the video below:

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Tough stuff.

It’s about time someone in media told the true story of Elizabeth Warren.


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