WATCH: Supercut Shows The Media Praising Protests And Hyping Fear About Trump’s Rally (VIDEO)

Have you notice that the same media types who were excited about the protests are doom and gloom when it comes to Trump’s rally?

It’s worse than you may even think.

The hypocrisy on display in the video below is stunning.

Townhall has details:

Only at Trump rallies — where temperatures will be taken, face masks and hand sanitizer given to attendees — does the media see a “superspreader” event with the potential to kill.

“The worst thing you can do in the middle of this pandemic,” CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who contracted the virus early on, infected his family and risked infecting others because he refused to quarantine himself, said about the president’s rallies.

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“People showing up to his precious rallies … might get sick and die,” warned MSNBC’s Joy Reid.

But these same leftists thought it was “beautiful” that protesters were out “marching arm in arm.” They described it as a “celebration,” a “carnival-like atmosphere,” where “hugging” and “love” were the only things infecting the attendees. The protesters were even encouraged to “stay in the streets” and “have their voices heard.”

Watch this:

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The media is pushing this negative narrative about the rally. Hard.

They don’t care about Trump supporters at all.

They just don’t want Trump to hold a rally, and the reasons for that are obvious.


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