WATCH: The Amazing Kellyanne Conway CHARMS THE LIBERALS On The View (VIDEO)

Wow – Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway is sharp!

She took all the innuendo and false accusations Liberals Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar could throw at her. And she turned it around on them.

By the end, they were eating out of her hand! They thanked her for coming on the show. The called her a class act. They gave her a gift certificate to the Trump spa!


Some of her best lines:

“What I think you need to do is get ready for a chyron that reads ‘President-elect Donald J. Trump.'”

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“Obviously we all read the same reports – there’s 650,000 emails that should have been turned over. Some of them maybe the 33,000 that she deleted after setting up an illegal server and bleach bitting them. Obviously something she’s trying to hide. I mean all 650,000 can’t be of Anthony Weiner taking pictures of himself and texting into a fifteen-year-old girl in North Carolina. Who knows what’s in there? I don’t know what’s in there. Donald Trump doesn’t know what’s in there but we respect the FBI wanting to reopen this investigation.”

“I want to tell you something – I go to these rallies with Donald Trump. I really want you to look at all the people there because some people get there there for eight hours. And you know why? They believe in him. They feel like they’re part of a movement. They want to be there because they feel like he will make us more safer and more prosperous. And you can’t just dismiss that.”



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