Watch The Media Get Their Hopes Crushed After Disastrous Mueller Hearing (VIDEO)

Something very familiar happened with the media on Wednesday.

Remember how they acted on election day in 2016? They were all excited throughout the day but became depressed as the night wore on.

The Mueller hearing produced a similar result.

News Busters reports:

Watch as Reporters Get Their High Hopes Crushed by Mueller ‘Disaster’

If the left-wing media were hoping for a slam dunk during Special Counsel Mueller’s testimony on Capitol Hill Wednesday, it’s clear from their reactions that they don’t think they saw one. The responses from TV journalists ranged from nonplussed to outright upset (aside from a weirdly giddy CNN panel), with some analysts and reporters going so far as to declare the hearings “a disaster,” and the cause of impeachment “over.”

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This disappointed reaction stood in comically stark contrast to the excitement permeating cable and broadcast news in the days and hours before Mueller testified.

The day before Mueller’s trip to the Hill, MSNBC’s Brian Williams intoned on The 11th Hour that the stakes were “extremely high.” He elaborated that many Democrats were “hoping that this testimony in front of the House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees will ignite public outrage somehow, and public interest in the investigations into the President.”

Over on CNN, New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota likened the upcoming hearings to now-CNN contributor John Dean’s testimony during the Nixon years. “Not many people know the pressure of testifying before Congress with the Presidency at stake,” she intoned with a grin.

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Watch the video:

On CNN, things were particularly gloomy.

Watch Jeffrey Toobin call the Democrats a wall to wall failure:

Here’s another super-cut:

Here’s the bottom line:

Well put.


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