Liberals Are Calling The New Bruce Willis Movie ‘Alt-Right’ (VIDEO)

Bruce Willis is starring in a remake of the classic film “Death Wish” and the left is already rushing to politicize it. The story is about a man who becomes a vigilante to avenge the death of his family. Why that plot is somehow ‘Alt-Right’ is anyone’s guess.

USA Today reports:

Watch the Bruce Willis ‘Death Wish’ trailer that Twitter is calling ‘alt-right’

Fans of Eli Roth, Bruce Willis, the 1974 action thriller Death Wish and/or movies with lots of guns will likely be thrilled by a new trailer. Many internet commentators, however, are not.

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The trailer for Roth’s Death Wish remake arrived Thursday, featuring Willis playing Dr. Paul Kersey, a Chicago surgeon-turned-vigilante who, after criminals assault his wife and daughter, decides to brutally hunt them down himself.

While some fans celebrated the trailer’s release, many Twitter commenters condemned the violence of the trailer, calling its tone a poor fit for America’s fraught political climate.

“Fair or not, I can’t think of a more tone-deaf idea in this political/social environment than white filmmakers remaking #DEATHWISH,” tweeted Forbes critic Scott Mendelson.

Here’s a sample of the comments on Twitter:

Watch the trailer below and decide for yourself:

Why must the left politicize everything?

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