Watch The Ultimate Compilation of Social Justice Warrior MELTDOWNS Over Trump’s Victory (VIDEO)


In case you haven’t noticed, some of our fellow Americans on the left are not handling the election results very well. In fact, many of them have completely lost their minds.

The maker of these videos is a genius who gathered all the best clips and put them together. You may get a kick out of watching these.

As so many people have pointed out in the last few days, this is what happens when an entire generation grows up in an environment where everyone gets a trophy. Strong language warning.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Hat tip to Ace of Spades who adds:

“One thing that really strikes me is the intense narcissism of the Millennial generation. It would never occur to anyone of my generation that we should videotape our convulsive sobbings so that posterity could see our transitory emotional outbursts.”

An excellent observation.

Millennials aren’t used to not getting their own way.

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