Watch Trump’s Amazing Post-Acquittal White House Address (VIDEO)

If you missed Trump’s post-acquittal event at the White House, we’ve got you covered.

It was a great moment, where Trump got to thank all the people who stood with him throughout the ordeal and to call out many of the bad actors who pushed the sham for three years.

Townhall has details:

Trump Shreds Mueller’s Russia Investigation as ‘Bullsh*t’ in Post-Acquittal Press Conference

President Trump held nothing back in his post-acquittal press conference about the investigations he has been through in his three years in office.

While he was happy to be done with impeachment, Trump called Robert Mueller’s investigation into his 2016 campaign for alleged ties to Russia as “bullsh*t.”

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“I mean, it worked out. We went through Hell unfairly, did nothing wrong. Did nothing wrong. I’ve done things wrong in my life, I will admit. Not purposely, but I’ve done things wrong,” Trump said about the impeachment trial and vote.

“But, this is what the end result is,” Trump said as he held up the front page of The Washington Post that read, “Trump Acquitted.”

“So… You can take that home. honey, maybe we’ll frame it. The only good headline I’ve ever had on The Washington Post,” he joked.

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“But every paper is the same. Does anybody have those papers does anybody have them? They are like that. So I appreciate that. But some of the people here have been incredible warriors. They are warriors. There’s nothing from a legal standpoint — this is a political thing. Every time I say, ‘This is unfair, let’s go to court,’ they say, ‘Sir, you can’t go to court, this is politics.’ We were treated unbelievably unfairly. You have to understand, we first went through ‘Russia, Russia, Russia.’ It was all bullsh*t,” he continued.

Watch the whole thing below:

Democrats and the media put Trump, his family, his supporters and the nation through hell for three years.

The truth won in the end.


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