Watch Trump’s Town Hall Event On Returning America To Work (VIDEO)

Trump held a televised town hall event on Sunday night at the Lincoln Memorial which was focused on returning America to work.

The event was hosted by FOX News and allowed viewers to ask questions.

Here’s an example of the type of question President Trump answered, from the White House Blog:

Q As President, what do you say to the people who are scared to go back to work, on one side? And what do you say to the people who are really angry about these lingering closures?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think you can satisfy both. If you’re scared, you’re going to stay back a little bit and you’re going to watch it. And I think anyone over 60 — because we have pretty good — we have a pretty good roadmap right now. Anybody over 60 — you could say 65, but let’s make it 60 — we have to protect those people and we have to watch it, and maybe they stay back longer.

But, no, I think you can really have it both ways. I think a lot of people want to go back. They just want to go back. You see it every day. You see demonstrations all over the country, and those are meaningful demonstrations. Oh, it’s big stuff.

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But you also have some people that are very scared. Probably everybody is scared, when you get right down to it. It’s a terrible thing. A terrible thing that happened to our country. It came from China. It should’ve been stopped. It could’ve been stopped on the spot. They chose not to do it, or something happened. Either there was incompetence or they didn’t do it for some reason, and we’re going to have to find out what that reason was.

But people are absolutely scared, but there are other people that are scared about being locked in a room and losing their job and not having an income. And, you know, for the first — these are workers, these are people that want to get back and work and make a living, and they’re afraid their job is not going to be there. And at a certain point, if you keep it going too long, that’s going to happen. So I understand that very well.

You can watch the whole thing below.

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It’s time to reopen America.


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