Watch Tucker Carlson Dismantle Geraldo Rivera Over The Causes Of The Surge At The Border (VIDEO)

Tucker Carlson made a guest appearance on the FOX News show ‘The Five’ this week on a day when Geraldo Rivera happened to be on the panel.

They got into a bit of a disagreement over the root causes of the surge at the southern border and Tucker absolutely demolished Rivera’s argument.

Rivera was using tired, liberal talking points. Tucker boiled it down to the simple truth.

The Daily Wire has details:

‘I Just Threw Up In My Mouth’: Tucker Carlson Clashes With Geraldo Rivera Over Illegal Immigrants Bringing COVID

Fox News host Tucker Carlson clashed with “The Five” co-host Geraldo Rivera on Thursday over illegal immigrants bringing COVID-19 over the open border.

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While Carlson was making an appearance on “The Five” to promote an episode of “Tucker Carlson Today” about the influx of illegal immigrants flooding into the country during the Biden administration, Rivera told Carlson he was glad he didn’t attempt to link COVID-19 to the migrant surge.

Here’s the partial transcript:

Carlson: Are you freakin’ kidding me?!

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Rivera: –in the 19th century–


Carlson: Oh spare me. Oh spare me.

Rivera: The Chinese in the 1880s, the Italians–


Carlson: Sorry, I just threw up in my mouth.


Rivera: [Some said] they were all bringing smallpox, they were all bringing tuberculosis–

Carlson: You know, Geraldo, we live in a country where we are being forced to take a vaccine that some people – newsflash – don’t wanna take, that Americans can be arrested for not wearing a mask because COVID is so serious! But foreign nationals break our laws carrying COVID and somehow they’re exempt from the requirements that we live under? That’s not xenophobia. That’s equal application of the law, and it’s not happening now. And it’s an appalling double standard that every American – including you – should be mad about.

Watch this whole video:

This is why the left despises Tucker Carlson.

He tells the unvarnished truth and calls out BS when he hears it.


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