WHAT A JOKE: CNN Host Brian Stelter Planning Book About FOX News And The Trump Administration

Brian Stelter may work for CNN, but he is completely obsessed with FOX News. He talks about it all the time.

He complains about people from FOX News going to work for the Trump administration, while ignoring all of the people from the Obama administration who now work for CNN.

Now he is planning to write a book about this.

News Busters reports:

CNN’s Stelter To Write Hate Book on ‘Unprecedented’ Merging of Trump and Fox News

Axios reported that CNN media correspondent and Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter has begun a book about “Fox News in the age of President Trump, and Trump in the age of Fox.” The publisher is One Signal, an imprint of Simon and Schuster. The publisher says the book will come out in 2020 and look “behind the scenes of a TV network and a White House merging in unprecedented fashion.”

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Really? Stelter couldn’t have written a book about “MSNBC in the age of Obama, and Obama in the age of MSNBC”? As usual, because an Obama has thousands of media people eagerly wanting to “merge” with his vision and strategy, it’s just not the same. Democrats and the media strategizing together is the precedent. It can’t be “unprecedented.”…

Stelter decries a conservative “hate movement” against CNN and other liberal media outlets, but we could use his lingo and call this a “hate book.” Julia Cheiffetz, publisher of One Signal, said in a statement “You can’t understand America right now without understanding the role of Fox News, and no one is better positioned to tell that story than Brian Stelter.”

They’re promising Stelter’s Fox reporting will go all the way back to his writing for the blog TVNewser while he was a college student at Towson University near Baltimore. Three years ago, Stelter claimed Fox News spied on him by sending a low-level staffer to date him and get intel. Let’s bet that story makes the book.

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Brian loves to tweet about FOX News, too. See below:

This response is perfect.


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