WHAT? ‘WOMEN’S MARCH’ On Washington Excludes Pro-Life Women

You would think that the ‘Women’s March’ would want to be as inclusive as possible in order to increase their numbers but you’d be wrong. Some pro-life women wanted to join the march but they were told to take a hike instead.

NewsBusters reported:

‘Women’s March’ Removes Pro-Life Group After Feminist Media Uproar

The Women’s March on Washington’s message could not be clearer: “women” does not include pro-life women or women in the womb.

The day after the inauguration, the women’s march promises to bring thousands of women together to “send a bold message” that (as Hillary Clinton once said), “women’s rights are human rights.” Except, according the march’s pro-abortion platform and its behavior towards pro-life groups like Students for Life and, now, New Wave Feminists, “women” doesn’t include all women.

On Sunday, pro-life group New Wave Feminists announced that the women’s march officially accepted them as partners. “Super pumped to rep prolife feminism at theWomen’s March on Washington,”

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Here’s their Facebook post:

The left just keeps proving they have no interest in coming together with other Americans who don’t think like them.

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They talk about things like being tolerant and inclusive – but they’re the worst at tolerating anyone who doesn’t agree with them.


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