WHAT BIAS? CNN Has Stopped Tracking Job Growth Under Trump

CNN does not like reporting good news about Trump and his presidency. Trump always said he would be a great president for jobs and he has been. Yet since January, CNN has stopped tracking job growth. Isn’t that a little peculiar?

News Busters reported:

Allergic to Good News? CNN Stops Tracking Trump-Era Job Growth

CNN last updated a presentation tracking job growth since President Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 5, the day the government issued its December jobs report. This halt coincided with the January effective date of the GOP-Trump tax-cut law and wide expectations of significant job growth because of that legislation, and is more evidence — as if we needed any — that the network which is obsessed with reporting negative news about Trump and his administration is allergic to anything which might make him and his policies look good.

CNN’s Trump Jobs Tracker was last updated on January 5. It still shows that the economy has added 1.839 million jobs in the President’s first 11 months in office…

The CNN presentation is so sloppy that it doesn’t tell readers that the Trump economy was trailing its monthly benchmark by 41,000 jobs (208,000 above minus a 167,000 average) at this point.

Look at what has happened since:

  • On Friday, the government reported that the economy added 313,000 seasonally adjusted payroll jobs.
  • That same report also noted that January’s payroll job additions were revised up from 200,000 to 239,000.
  • Routine revisions to November and December in this year’s first two employment reports and the government’s comprehensive revision to previous months added another 90,000 jobs.

They just can’t stand to see him succeed, even when it’s good for the American people.

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