WHAT? CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tells Don Lemon He Is ‘Black On The Inside’ (VIDEO)

CNN’s Chris Cuomo just had another bizarre TV moment. He told his fellow host Don Lemon that he is black on the inside.

Lemon didn’t push back at all which is odd considering how obsessed he is with race and political correctness.

CNN is a truly strange network.

Breitbart News has a transcript:

CUOMO: I had somebody hit me with something today that hurt. She said to me, you know, I don’t have to tell you about how I’m living with my family and how setback we are by this because there was a TV show that was all about it in the 70s and it is the reality for too many people of color all over the country. And I said, what? And she said, I’ll give you a hint. She said that this was the end. Just looking out of the window watching the ash fall grow. And again, how it all looks handy down.

LEMON: How do you know the words “Good Times?”

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CUOMO: You know I’m black on the inside.

LEMON: “Good Times” any time you need a baby.

CUOMO: So, good times, so Florida, who, by the way, was a hugely educated. I think she was a Yale. And of course, Florida and James Evans the portrait of being stuck in the Chicago projects —

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CUOMO: — drugs, unending poverty, the anger and outrage of being incapable of getting past systemic oppression. Their son Michael, you know, being caught in revolution —


CUOMO: — and all these angry ideas.

Watch the video below:

Good point, Megyn.


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