WHAT COULD GO WRONG? Rep. Ilhan Omar Wants To Overhaul American Foreign Policy

If you had to pick one member of Congress to overhaul American foreign policy, who is the last person you would select? Would it be Ilhan Omar of Minnesota?

That’s exactly what she wants to do. She wants something as sweeping as AOC’s Green New Deal.

Townhall reports:

Ilhan Omar Wants to Overhaul U.S. Foreign Policy From the ‘Perspective of a Foreigner’

Anti-Semitic Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who blames the current crisis in Venezuela on the United States, wants a “Green New Deal” style overhaul of U.S. foreign policy. Omar argues she is best suited to lead the charge for major foreign policy changes because she has “the perspective of a foreigner.”

From the Star Tribune:

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The Somali-born Minnesota Democrat, saying she brings “the perspective of a foreigner” to her new role, believes that American foreign policy needs to be changed in fundamental ways.

“When I think about foreign policy, we need something equivalent to the Green New Deal,” Omar said in an interview, drawing a parallel to the sweeping climate change plan from New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, another high-profile member of the Democratic freshman class of 2018.

As Omar considers how a Green New Deal-style approach might be brought to reshaping U.S. foreign policy, she leans on her own background. The first Somali-American and the first naturalized U.S. citizen in Congress, the one-time inhabitant of a refugee camp described herself “as someone who has seen the United States from the perspective of a foreigner.” She’d like to see a vastly downscaled U.S. military presence around the world, and much less direct intervention in the domestic politics of other countries.

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“Our focus should be on diplomacy, in cultural and economic exchange,” Omar said. “I think we are seen as a leader, and we have an opportunity for people to follow if we are leading with moral conviction.”

Ilhan Omar has as much business dictating American foreign policy as AOC does reforming our banking system, in other words, none.

She consistently insults Israel, our strongest and best ally in the Middle East, and has a record of fundraising with groups which have been accused of supporting terrorism.

She needs to be voted out of office at the earliest possible date.


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