What Happened To The Red Wave? – Some Theories

The red wave that everyone was expecting this week did not materialize. Some conservative and Republican voters are angry, and they should be.

How did this happen when so many people are unhappy about the direction of the country and inflation is at a historic high.

One of the reasons is mail-in voting and early voting. The policies which were put in place during Covid are still in place in many states.

When Dr. Oz and John Fetterman finally had their only debate, upwards of a million votes in Pennsylvania had already been cast.

Republicans cannot simply rely on big turnout on election day anymore. This issue has to be addressed.

Here are some other theories.

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Jeff Charles writes at Red State:

It isn’t that conservatives do not have ideas that could improve the quality of life for the public. The issue is that they are horribly deficient at selling them. They seem to lack the ability to offer a viable alternative for voters in a persuasive way. In short, we need better salespeople.

This is a lesson that conservatives have not yet learned from Trump, who, despite his flaws, is a master persuader. In the 2016 campaign, he articulated what he would do to address the problems average Americans were facing. That, more than anything, is why he won.

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) put together a “Commitment to America” as a way of giving the public another choice, even though Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wished to continue the “bash Democrats” strategy. But after the plan was rolled out, there was very little chatter about it coming from the GOP and even conservative media. Collectively, Republicans were not on point in hammering home the benefits of the agenda McCarthy’s team created.

Kurt Schlichter writes at Townhall:

Here’s a big factor – much of America is more liberal than we want to accept, and a whole lot of Americans are willing to tolerate the garbage policies Democrats push. Some people just don’t want freedom – they liked the COVID crap and support woke fascism. There are a lot of these people, though not in Florida, and liberals are gonna liberal no matter how poor and miserable that makes them and everyone else.

They say candidates matter, of course, but how much do they really? The fact is that Pennsylvania elected a bizarre ogre. Here’s the thing – party allegiance is enduring in ways it never used to be. That Fetterman won is an indicator. You vote for that freak of nature only if you are purely partisan. I do not begrudge them that. It’s about getting the Senate seat. But appeals pointing out the fact that Fetterman is a mutant did not get it done. Sure he’s a mutant, they thought, but he’s our mutant.

Kevin Downey Jr. writes at PJ Media:

We can’t deny that there may have been sketchy behavior going on. Election fraud was invented about 10 seconds after democracy. Project Veritas allegedly caught people in Philly “electioneering.” Voting machines in the Republican stronghold of Maricopa County, Ariz., magically stopped working yesterday.

Did Michigan residents really forgive their governor for her COVID-19 lockdown atrocities, high gas prices, inflation, and crime? Did they forget about the carnage Joe Biden has caused our nation? How about the thousands of seniors sent to their deaths in nursing homes? Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-Mich.) even lost the Muslim vote, which is 3% of the population. Are Michiganders really the most magnanimous voters in the nation?

Those are all valid thoughts but the voting issue is key.

Democrats have figured out how to win under these new voting rules and the GOP is still playing by the old rules.


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