What If The U.S. Constitution Was Written Like College Speech Codes? (VIDEO)

College Speech Codes

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a free speech crisis taking place on American college campuses today. Anything that’s deemed too conservative for our special snowflake students is deemed hate speech and conservative guest speakers are met with protests when they aren’t banned.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) has produced a short video which imagines how different the U.S. Constitution would be if it was written with today’s campus speech codes in mind:

What If Our Constitution Were Written Like Campus Speech Codes? (VIDEO)

Administrators at college campuses routinely use speech codes to launch investigations into campus newspapers, prohibit religious symbols, and silence support for political candidates. Instead of fostering a marketplace of ideas at the university, faculty and students often push to disinvite controversial speakers and entertainers.

College administrators have used speech codes to prohibit biased speech, disrespectful speech, and “inappropriately directed laughter,” and to restrict all questionable speech to “free speech zones.” The University of California System has decided that statements like “America is a melting pot” or “America is the land of opportunity” are examples of microaggressions and should not be said on campus.

This video illustrates our Founding Fathers deciding what speech should and should not be allowed in America—using the same logic administrators use when writing campus speech codes.

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Watch the video:

The left has a stranglehold on higher education and now they want to make college free.

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