Liberal Journalists Want To BLACKLIST KELLYANNE From Media Interviews (She’s Too Good)

The dishonest and corrupt Media establishment is upset with Presidential Counselor Kellyanne Conway.

They think she’s too good at telling Trump’s side of the story.

Mediaite reports: 

“Kellyanne Conway is a very polarizing figure in the media landscape. She is both renowned and reviled for her ability to spin absolutely anything Donald Trump does into a positive. Saturday Night Live regularly guts her for it, but now, so, too, does everyone else. What was a semi-respectable skill during the election is now a terrifying White House reality for reporters who value the truth.

Today, GQ reported that New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen has suggested simply not interviewing Conway anymore. During a recent podcast appearance, he said this: ‘[T]he logic is, this is a representative of the president. This is somebody who can speak for the Trump administration. But if we find that what Kellyanne Conway says is routinely or easily contradicted by Donald Trump, then that [rationale for interviewing her] disappears.'”

Here are journalists tweeting their support:

(Lauren Duca is the “journalist” who got destroyed by Tucker Carlson on his show)

If the Liberal Media wants to start a real war with Trump, try banning Kellyanne.

If they think things are bad now, see what happens after that!!

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