WHAT? Spokesman Claims Joe Biden Was Not Against Trump’s Coronavirus Travel Ban From China (VIDEO)

Joe Biden spokesman TJ Ducklo went off the rails during a disastrous interview on FOX News this week.

After President Trump was briefed about the Coronavirus back in February, he shut down travel from China. He was immediately criticized by many Democrats, including Joe Biden who called the decision racist and xenophobic.

Biden’s spokesman tried to rewrite history during his time on FOX News.

Breitbart reports:

Biden Spox: Biden ‘Was Not Against’ China Travel Ban

On Thursday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” Biden Campaign National Press Secretary TJ Ducklo stated that Biden “has been clear that he was not against” the China travel ban implemented by President Donald Trump.

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Ducklo said, “Well, let’s get a few things straight, the vice president was not against the travel ban, first of all.”

Later on, host Bret Baier asked, “Let me just clarify, you’re saying that Joe Biden was for closing down travel from China when the president did it?”

Ducklo responded, “Joe Biden has been clear, and I can send you the fact-checks, if they’re helpful, Bret, Joe Biden has been clear that he was not against that travel ban at the time.”

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Baier then asked, “But he was for it?”

Ducklo responded, “Joe Biden has been clear about this, Bret. Again, I can send you the fact-checks, if they’re helpful. This has been fact-checked into oblivion.”

In the video below, you can see Bret Baier of FOX News can barely believe what he is hearing. He repeatedly asks the spokesman for clarification because everyone knows this is a bald-faced lie. Watch:

What an embarrassing interview.

So many obvious lies. It’s sad and insulting.


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