WHAT? TV Reporter Fired For Celebrating Trump’s Victory On Her PRIVATE Facebook Page


Remember how most TV journalists acted when Obama won in 2008? They didn’t even try to hide their happiness. But this reporter from Texas expressed happiness about Trump winning on her private Facebook page. And when people found out, she got fired!

The Daily Caller reports:

TV Reporter Fired For Celebrating Trump Victory On Her Private Facebook Page

Scarlett Fakhar was a reporter on KRIV-TV — a Fox affiliate in Houston, Texas — until a post she made celebrating the election of Donald Trump on her personal Facebook page, which was set to private, was made public.

In the post, Fakhar expressed glee at Trump’s victory, writing, “Since everyone is talking about how they woke up this morning…ill (sic) just go ahead and say I could barely sleep from how happy and relieved I was.”

After saying she’d “prayed about this for a long time,” Fakhar lamented how the country “has become more violent and racist under the Obama administration.”

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Continuing, Fakhar wrote:

Want to talk about going downhill? Look what Obama has done… How is made the entire country hate one another. Were you happy with how many people were killing each other in our own country? I work in news… And I hate to say it… But the number of African-Americans killing my mother for her Waze number of them being killed by whites. And now you have groups murdering police officers both black and white. How did this happen under the Obama administration? You guys want another administration like that?

First of all, she has a point. Second of all, she said this on a private page! It’s no one else’s business.

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Hopefully, this situation will be reversed. Or maybe she’ll be offered a better job.

If reporters who openly celebrated Obama got fired, there wouldn’t be any reporters on TV!



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