When Democrats Say They Want Big Money Out Of Politics THEY ARE LYING

For the last few years, Democrats have been saying they want big money out of politics. It’s a familiar demand from people like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and even Hillary Clinton who spent almost a billion dollars to lose in 2016.

Democrats are lying when they say this, however. It’s obvious they’re lying because they’re already pouring TONS of cash into certain races.

Check out this report from the left wing Mother Jones:

The $2 Billion Powerhouse Behind Jon Ossoff

Minutes after House Republicans rammed through their Obamacare repeal bill on May 4, a rallying cry went out on Twitter: Want revenge on the lawmakers who voted yes? Click here to give $5 to defeat them in next year’s midterms.

Stalwart lefty groups like Daily Kos and anti-Trump newcomers such as Swing Left mobilized their angry followers by sending them to a simple web page where, with the press of a button, they could donate to the Democratic challengers of Republicans in competitive districts. In just 24 hours, Daily Kos and Swing Left announced they’d collected about 37,200 individual donations totaling a whopping $1.6 million.

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This impressive blitz was made possible by an outfit called ActBlue, which has emerged as the fundraising tool of choice for the swelling anti-Trump resistance. At ActBlue’s headquarters just outside Boston, a massive LCD monitor that displays website traffic and incoming contributions went haywire immediately after the health care vote. ActBlue was processing about 275 donations per minute; the real-time dollar ticker on its website struggled to keep pace. All told, ActBlue helped raise more than $4.2 million in small-dollar increments for 1,200 different campaigns and outfits on the day of the vote.

Do these people sound like they want big money out of politics?

What they really mean is that they want their opponents money out of politics while they spend a fortune to win.


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