When Rob Reiner Was Asked About Harasser Harvey Weinstein, He Blamed Fox News

Rob Reiner is a typical Hollywood liberal hypocrite. He has tons of criticism for President Trump and Republicans, but when someone on his side does something truly deserving of criticism, he has nothing to say.

At a recent movie screening, he was asked about Harvey Weinstein and tried to make it all about FOX News. So lame.

Twitchy reported:

‘He’s one schmuck’: Rob Reiner’s response to Harvey Weinstein scandal less than woke

Twitchy regulars know that Rob “Meathead” Reiner loves to lecture conservatives from his position on the far left. But he’s also a prolific director, so what would a Hollywood insider like him have to say when asked about the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal?

An audience member asked Reiner his thoughts at a movie screening Saturday, and it was a swing and a miss. Shouldn’t progressives have a lot more to say about a powerful movie producer sexually harassing women for decades and getting away with it while it was an “open secret” everyone talked about?

See the tweets below:

It sure is.



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