White House Reportedly Hoping To Downplay Biden’s 80th Birthday In November

Joe Biden is turning 80 years old in November and the White House is hoping not to remind people about that.

He is already seen by millions of Americans as too old for the job of president, so it makes perfect sense that the administration is trying to downplay the news.

Do they think people don’t know Biden’s age, though?

Newsmax reports:

Report: White House Wants Low-Key 80th Birthday for Biden

The White House is hoping to downplay President Joe Biden’s entrance into the octogenarian club next month as questions continue to swirl about his fitness to lead the nation.

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Biden will turn 80 on Nov. 20, soon after the midterm elections, and will make history as the first serving commander in chief to reach that milestone, Politico reported Tuesday.

“Like President Biden has said, anyone with questions about his age should just watch him: He has delivered record job creation, made NATO the strongest it has ever been, and amassed the most significant legislative record since LBJ in less than half of one term,” Andrew Bates, White House spokesman told Politico. “I don’t have a comment about whether Politico is invited to his birthday.”

According to the report, the normal celebratory aura around such an event is being viewed by some in the West-Wing with trepidation as it will put Biden’s age back into focus as he mulls running for reelection in 2024, making him 82 when he is sworn in for a second term, and 86 when he would leave office.

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“We haven’t had an 80-year-old president before, but if any lesson emerges from modern history, it is that if a president seems vigorous and well and is doing the job, age has been less of a factor for voters,” presidential historian Michael Beschloss told Politico.

People know what’s going on here.

Of course, the big question is… Will there be ice cream?


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