White Liberal Guys Signal Support For Rioters – Are Shocked When They Smash Their Window (VIDEO)

For some of the people currently rioting, it doesn’t matter if you agree with them.

They see everyone and everything as fair game for destruction.

A couple of liberal white guys just learned this the hard way.

The Daily Wire reports:

WATCH: White Libs Tell Rioters ‘We’re On Your Side,’ Get Window Smashed

A couple of white liberals in an unknown city learned the hard way that virtue-signaling does little to assuage an angry mob.

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Posted to Twitter by filmmaker Ami Horowitz, the video, presumably from Monday night, featured a 20-something white male giving roaming crowds outside his window a thumbs up as they walked the streets outside. Shortly thereafter, as the crowd noticed him, rocks were heard pelting his window until the glass shattered.

“We’re on your side!” the man yelled out. “We’re on your side!”

His pledged allegiance was met with yet another rock that shattered another window.

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“Holy s**t! We’re on your side! We’re on your f***ing side! What the f**k!” he yelled out again from his blue Solo cup-laden apartment.

Watch the video:

It doesn’t look like the rioters care that these guys are on their side.

Chalk this one up to life lessons.


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