WHOA! Judge Issues Restraining Order On BLM Activist For Threatening L.A. Police Commissioner

Black Lives Matter hasn’t been in the news much lately but that doesn’t mean they’re not active. In fact, one activist from the group recently had a restraining order placed on him for threats made to the Los Angeles police commissioner.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

Judge grants restraining order against Black Lives Matter activist accused of threatening L.A. police commissioner

A judge has granted a restraining order against a Black Lives Matter activist who took his racially charged rhetoric to the law office and home of Los Angeles Police Commission President Matt Johnson.

The intrusion of the activist, Trevor Ferguson, into the commissioner’s private life marked an escalation of a conflict that had previously been confined to public meetings.

Ferguson is part of a group that regularly disrupts the Police Commission’s weekly meetings by chanting and speaking out of turn to express outrage at Los Angeles Police Department shootings of black and Latino people.

Johnson, one of two African American police commissioners, is sometimes singled out by Ferguson and others, who call him a “houseboy” — a derogatory term for a black person who is subservient to whites — amid demands that LAPD Chief Charlie Beck resign and the entire department be disbanded.

The application for the restraining order, filed on Johnson’s behalf by the city of Los Angeles on Dec. 20, tested the boundary between free speech and harassment.

Threats to the police aren’t going to be tolerated anymore.

President Trump has their backs.

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