WHOA! Kellyanne Leaves Chris Matthews Speechless: “Any Time I Try To Respond, I’m Seen As Ungracious” (VIDEO)


Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway appeared on MSNBC this week and left host Chris Matthews speechless. She pointed out all the double standards the media is placing on Trump’s campaign. She also said that she’s getting death threats!

ABC News reported:

Kellyanne Conway: I’m Getting Death Threats Fueled by Pro-Clinton Rhetoric

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Donald Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway has blasted the president-elect’s critics — namely Hillary Clinton supporters — for fueling a barrage of death threats against her.

“Anytime I respond, anytime I defend myself against these … allegations that are now leading to death threats … I’m seen as ungracious,” Conway said during an interview Thursday on MSNBC with Chris Matthews, referring, in part, to claims that the Trump campaign gave a platform to white nationalists. “Why are we sore winners? I’m not a sore winner. I’m a winner. My guy is a winner. He’s the next president of the United States.”

Watch the video:

Here’s a question: Why isn’t the media reporting that Kellyanne Conway is getting death threats?

And why aren’t leaders in the Democratic Party speaking up and telling their supporters to knock it off?

The media is so concerned about fake news lately. Death threats aren’t fake news. This is really happening.

You’d think they’d mention it.


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