Whoopi And The View Suggest White House Physician Lied About Trump’s Health (VIDEO)

Whoopi and some of the ladies on the View think they’re smarter than the White House doctor. They actually challenged the doctor’s findings on the air yesterday.

Truth Revolt reports:

‘The View’ Pushes Conspiracy: White House Doctor Surely Lied About Trump’s Health

To start off the show, longtime left-wing co-host Whoopi Goldberg expressed doubt over Trump’s “allegedly excellent” condition. The actress and comedian went on to lend credence to the new “girther movement,” citing the existence of “compelling evidence” to support it.

Wacky left-winger Joy Behar initially agreed with McCain, but she took a turn toward the other side when offered “proof” of shady doctor business: previously, supposedly, Physician to the President Navy Rear Admiral Ronnie Jackson had spelled his name with a “y.” On Trump’s report, “ie” was used.

Whoopi exclaimed:

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“The question is, how do you misspell your own name?…He misspelled his own name!”

Pushing the conspiracy narrative, Goldberg continued:

“The bottom line is this report was never going to be anything but what it is.”

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She referenced FDR’s disability and John F. Kennedy’s health issues, both of which were kept from the public.

“You know, these presidents are never…were never meant to seem to be ill in any way.”

“A lot of lies,” Behar cackled in affirmation.

Goldberg continued:

“Yeah a lot of them are lies but it was never going to change.”

Watch the video:

Do they have any idea how absurd they sound?


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