Whoopi Goldberg: Asking Gay People To Meet Mike Pence Like Asking A Jew To Meet A Nazi (VIDEO)

Whoopi Goldberg of The View has crossed the line of decency once again. During a segment about a gay Olympian refusing to meet with Vice President Pence, Whoopi suggested that asking a gay person to meet with Pence is like asking a Jewish person to meet Nazis. It’s a horrific and baseless comparison.

News Busters reported:

Whoopi Likens Gays Meeting with Mike Pence to Jews Meeting a Nazi

On Thursday’s The View show, during a discussion of reports that gay Olympic skater Adam Rippon had turned down the opportunity to meet with Vice President Mike Pence because of his views on gay rights, co-host Whoopi Goldberg at one point defended the decision by suggesting that meeting with Pence would be like a Jew having a meeting with a Nazi.

Goldberg brought up Vice President Pence and filled in viewers: “A past controversy of his is coming back to bite him right square on the face because openly gay Olympic skater Adam Rippon reportedly declined an invite to sit with the VP because Pence says he funded gay conversion therapy in the past which Pence says is not true.”…

“I think it would be like asking a Jewish person to sit down and understand where the Nazi is coming from. I think that would be a difficult thing.”

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Watch the video:

Obama entered office opposed to gay marriage. Was he a Nazi too, Whoopi?


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