Whoopi Goldberg Suggests Antifa Was Created As A False Flag By The Right (VIDEO)

Whoopi Goldberg of The View suggested that Antifa was created by the right, to make the left look bad. She offers as her reason that she never heard of Antifa until Trump became president. But Antifa has existed for years under the name Black Bloc. This just shows how ignorant Whoopi is.

Here’s what she said, via News Busters:

When we look to see what they were talking about, there was nothing there because when you look at the bottom of the list the year that they’re talking about is when Obama was in. So we went to see what they had been protesting, what fascist stuff Antifa had been protesting. There’s nothing there. We can’t find anything. This to me– Antifa is one of those things, I don’t want to say the right, but somebody came up with as a catch phrase so that you could say there’s violence on the other side. I don’t remember violent demonstrations before the gentleman who’s in now came in…

People kept saying on television — particularly on the other networks. Well, this group. I kept saying who is this group? Because when you see how stuff is organized, you can say that’s who we are, we’re fighting for this. Oftentimes I found that sometimes the side that is kvetching the loudest has sort of orchestrated this so they can bitch about it. I’m not sure who was storming through the streets. I’m not sure who was storming through the streets.

Watch the video:

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Also, does Whoopi not know that Antifa was declared a domestic terror threat while Obama was still president?


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