Why Is Congress Working Only EIGHT DAYS In The Month Of April?

Congress obviously has procedures and protocols which are different from the private sector but it is unreasonable of our elected representatives to work only eight days in any month.

Members of congress would probably say they will be working in their home districts, meeting constituents and holding town hall meetings. While that type of work is valuable, it is not the business of legislation which is needed in so many areas of American life.

Madison Gesiotto writes at the Washington Times:

Congress is working only 8 days in April and it is unacceptable

April is only a few days away, which means it’s time for Congress to take almost 75% of the month off. This is no April Fools joke. In fact, the House will only be in session for 8 days out of the 30 days during the month of April.

Are these elected representatives in D.C. to represent and work for us, “we the people?” It is hard to tell anymore.

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It seems as if many of them have lost focus and have allowed their personal interests as well as special interests to be placed ahead of the interests of the American people.

With over $19 trillion of national debt, a failing health care system and disastrous immigration policies, there is absolutely no acceptable reason for our Congressmen and Congresswomen to be working only 8 days in April.

One of their apparent excuses for only working 8 days in April is that they need to visit their districts to communicate with their constituents. I’m sorry, but last time I checked it was not 1776.

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If congress wants to understand what average Americans are going through right now, they should try working like them.



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