Wikileaks Reveals Google is Directly Engaged With Hillary’s Campaign (VIDEO)

Hillary Google

We already know the Obama administration has had a revolving door jobs policy for Google employees, so it’s not difficult to believe that the search giant would also be helping Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

USA Politics Now reported:

BREAKING: WikiLeaks Founder Reveals “Google is directly engaged with Hillary Clinton’s campaign”

Assange appeared via video link from the Ecuadorian embassy in London as part of the ‘New Era of Journalism: Farewell to Mainstream international media’ forum in Moscow.He said: “Google is directly engaged with Hillary Clinton’s campaign” and claimed the technology giant used the US State Department on a quid pro quo” basis.

“Of course when she is in power… she is a problem for freedom of speech. We know what she is going to do. And she made the chart for the destruction of Libya, she was involved in the process of taking the Libyan armoury and sending it to Syria.”

Assange reiterated his claims that Clinton is a “war hawk” that “seemingly” wants to start wars.

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“What we have with Clinton is someone who is a hawk but who has the tools of legal interventionism, a rhetorical cover to start wars, and someone who seemingly wants to start them… From WikiLeaks’ perspective Hillary Clinton is a problem in terms of war and peace.”

He also pointed out that former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is now heading the Pentagon innovation board.

“Google is heavily integrated with Washington power, at personal level and at business level. Google, which has increasing control over the distribution channels,… is intensely allying itself with the US exceptionalism.

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This video confirms Assange’s suggestion by showing how Google is manipulating search results related to Hillary Clinton. This will blow your mind.

The bottom line is that many rich and powerful people have a deeply vested interest in Hillary Clinton becoming president. That should set off alarm bells.



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