William Barr Now Investigating Whether Trump’s Phone Calls Were Wiretapped

In case you were wondering why Democrats spent weeks recently trying to discredit William Barr, this might be one of the reasons.

Barr is looking into all the things that the Democrats and their friends in media ignored.

Townhall reports:

Oh, So AG Barr Is Looking Into Whether Trump’s Phone Calls Were Wiretapped?

Well, the liberal media thought he was nuts. Oh, and did they have a field day when Trump suggested that Trump Tower was wiretapped. And what happened with that? Oh, nothing; just that it was revealed that Paul Manafort’s phone was tapped by the FBI before and after the 2016 election.

They point to this article from FOX News:

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Trump tells Fox News DOJ looking into whether his phone calls were monitored

One day after formally launching his 2020 presidential bid, President Trump told Fox News’ “Hannity” exclusively on Wednesday that investigators are working to determine whether his personal phone calls were secretly monitored by U.S. intelligence agencies during the 2016 campaign — a possibility he called “the ultimate.”

Trump also hammered House Democrats for putting his former top communication advisor Hope Hicks “through hell,” after pictures of Hicks testifying before a closed-door session on Capitol Hill earlier in the day leaked on social media.

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Hicks is the Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer for Fox Corporation, and Fox News is a subsidiary of Fox Corporation.

“What’s happened to the Democrats — and in the meantime, they’re not doing any work in Congress,” Trump told Sean Hannity, calling the party “unhinged.”

“They’re not allowed to do that. It’s probably illegal,” Trump said, referring to the leaked pictures of Hicks. Some Democrats complained that Hicks, in her appearance before the House Judiciary Committee, was ordered by the White House to stay quiet about her time as an aide to Trump, citing legal privileges.

Pelosi is doing what she can to continue the smears on Barr.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Pelosi says she’s ‘afraid’ of Barr

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she does not trust Attorney General William Barr during a Wednesday breakfast with the Christian Science Monitor.

“I don’t know if this is news or it was news last week, but we will be having access to [a] less-redacted version of the Mueller report. I had said originally unless the whole country can see what they show us, we shouldn’t see it,” Pelosi began.

“But I have. When we had the offer of this less redacted for many more people than just the leadership I accepted that because I’m afraid. I really don’t trust the attorney general of the United States and I’m afraid,” she continued.

How ridiculous.


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