William Shatner Attacked For Funding “Confederate” Statue, Doesn’t Back Down

In Louisville, Kentucky, activists are trying to take down a statue of John B. Castleman, a Confederate soldier who later served in the U.S. Army and contributed to the horse community.

Here’s the activists’ effort today:

It turns out that actor William Shatner partially funded the statue.

When someone told him about the activists on Twitter, he responded like this:

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And that’s when the attacks started!

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But William Shatner didn’t care:

Wikipedia has this to say about John B. Castleman: 

“During the Civil War, Castleman recruited 41 men in his hometown of Lexington, Kentucky, who went to Knoxville, Tennessee, to form the Second Kentucky Cavalry company under John Hunt Morgan.
Castleman was promoted to major in 1864. He led guerrillas in the attempted burning of supply boats in St. Louis, Missouri and was arrested in October 1864 at Sullivan, Indiana. He was convicted of spying and sentenced to death, but his execution was stayed by Abraham Lincoln. Following the war, Castleman was exiled from the United States, and studied medicine in France. He was pardoned by Andrew Johnson and returned to Kentucky in 1866.
He revived the Louisville Legion, a militia unit, in 1878 and became adjutant general of Kentucky in 1883. The unit became the 1st Kentucky Volunteers in the Spanish–American War, and Castleman was commissioned a colonel in the U.S. Army. His unit participated in the invasion of Puerto Rico, and after the war he was promoted to brigadier general and served as military governor of the island.”

William Shatner was supposed to back down in the face of the online hate mob.

He didn’t back down!

Good for him!


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