William Shatner Blasts Democrat For Posting Photo Implying “Endorsement”

William Shatner is being used by a Democrat in a photo and he is not happy about it. The disagreement has led to a small war of words on Twitter and Shatner is demanding that the photo not be used.

The Daily Caller reports:

William Shatner Demands Texas Democrat Remove Photo With Him

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William Shatner has been on a tear against social justice warriors lately for being easily offended, and now he’s going after a Texas Democrat for using his image in a campaign mailer.

The “Star Trek” legend ordered Brandy Chambers, candidate for the Texas House of Representatives, to “remove my photo and destroy all copies of whatever this is immediately” when she used the autographed picture in campaign literature.

A fan asked the actor on Twitter if he was endorsing Chambers.

Shatner replied with his demand the picture be destroyed. He tweeted to Chambers saying, “using a convention picture in a political ad is NOT ALLOWED!! That implies endorsement which never will happen. Please remove my photo and destroy all copies of whatever this is immediately. Am I clear?”

Give ’em hell, William!



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