WIMPS! Hypocritical CNN Reporters Claim Trump is ‘Dehumanizing’ Them (VIDEO)


This is the second time in two weeks that this same group of CNN dopes have complained about how they’re treated by Trump and his supporters. Read about the last time they did this here. They can dish it out but they sure can’t take it.

They’ve called Trump and his supporters every horrible thing you could think of and yet they’re surprised when they get nasty treatment in return. The push back the media is getting wasn’t started by Trump supporters.

For years, CNN has ridiculed and demeaned conservative Americans as racists, misogynists and worse. They labeled Tea Party people as bigots and terrorists. Did they think there would never be any blow back?

In this video, they say:

“It’s dehumanizing language and it’s always worrisome when you strip someone’s humanity away.”

“He’s doing to the press what he did to Obama, he’s trying to otherize us.”

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“I’ve said this before, one of his supporters is going to hurt a reporter.”

Watch the video:

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Ace of Spades made a very good point about this:

So what Brian Stelter is saying is that the press has free reign to go after any citizen who enters the political sphere — Joe the Plumber, Ken Bone — and “vet” them until their eyes bleed, and also free reign to go after any private citizen who does not enter the political sphere — like Taylor Swift — and attack her for being Soft on Hate, but the press corps itself — a very powerful institution with potent ability to force issues on to the public stage and, though they don’t mention this much, an even more potent ability to force issues off the public stage — must not be treated with the same vicious tactics with which they treat all of the private citizens on their Enemies List.

Spot. On.


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