Winsome Sears Calls On Joe Biden To Reverse His Energy Policy (VIDEO)

Given what’s happening in Ukraine right now, the best thing Biden could do is reverse his energy policies.

If the United States began drilling again and mining natural gas, we could cut the financial feet out from under Putin and improve the American economy at the same time. Yet he won’t do it.

Virginia’s Lt. Governor Winsome Sears is calling on Biden to do the right thing.

Breitbart News reports:

Winsome Sears Urges Biden to Reverse Energy Policy — ‘Take Care of What You Have Command of’

In the wake of the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears (R) called on President Joe Biden to rethink his energy policy.

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Sears lamented on Tuesday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Fox & Friends” that Biden canceled the Keystone XL pipeline his first day in office. She urged him to “reopen” the pipeline and “take care” of what he has “command of” in the United States.

“[Y]ou see, we don’t live on this planet by ourselves, Mr. President,” Sears directed at Biden. “You have Russia. You have China. You have North Korea. You have all of them. And so, you must call on people who will make demands of you to understand whether America is all ready for all comers. So, we need to find that out. Why won’t you reopen the Keystone pipeline? Why won’t you stop? As a matter of fact, we are importing energy from Russia. You know, why are we doing that? We have the means to produce it here.”

Watch the video below:

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Sears makes excellent points here, and she is right to bring up the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Why won’t Biden reopen it?

If America went back to the energy production we had under Trump it would be a total game changer.


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