Wisconsin Recount Update: Trump Nets 2 Votes, Lawsuit Could SHUT IT DOWN

Trump won Wisconsin by 22,177 votes.

After two days of recounts, Jill Stein’s recount effort has so far done little to change the outcome.

Trump has gained five votes. Hillary gained three votes. Jill Stein gained 24 votes.

That’s a net gain to Trump of two votes, because Jill Stein’s votes can’t possibly affect the outcome.

Ed Morrissey reports at Hot Air: 

“After two days, more than 500 precincts around the state have completed their recounts, about one-seventh of the total. Excluding those in the city of Milwaukee*, where absentee ballot recounts have not yet been completed (and are conducted centrally rather than in the precincts), the overall change thus far has been to add five votes to Trump’s totals and three to Hillary Clinton’s. Stein has picked up 24 votes, mostly from one county that had left off her vote total in error on its tally sheet. At this rate, we’re looking at an overall shift of less than 100 votes in Trump’s lead of 22,000 — and in his favor, not Hillary’s, and certainly not Stein’s.”

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To see the Wisconsin recount’s daily numbers, go here.

But it may be that none of it matters.

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A judge could shut down the recount as soon as December 9th.

The reason? A lawsuit makes the claim that recounted votes aren’t being treated equally.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported:

“The lawsuit contends, in part, that the state’s recount process is unconstitutional because ballots aren’t treated equally in all cases — a standard used in the 2000 U.S. Supreme Court case that halted a recount in Florida and left Bush as the winner of that year’s presidential race with Democrat Al Gore.”

Bottom line:

  1. Trump netted 2 votes in 1/7 of the precincts recounted.
  2. A judge could shut it down December 9th.
  3. Jill Stein has raised millions of dollars more than needed for the recount and that might not be spent.

Guess who wins no matter what?

Jill Stein!

That’s why the recount in Wisconsin is happening:

Because Jill Stein wins no matter what!

Fox News host Kennedy asked Jill Stein, “Is this how you want to be remembered?”


Clearly, Jill Stein doesn’t care!

She’s going to end up with millions. Apparently, that’s enough.


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