With So Many Candidates, The 2020 Democratic Primary Will Be A Long Bloody Fight

At this point, it looks like as many as 30 or more people could end up competing for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. With so many candidates running, the competition for TV time, supporters, and money will be fierce. That’s going to make the primary process last longer than usual.

The National Journal has more:

Prepare for a Long, Chaotic Presidential Primary Fight

ne of the top Democratic pollsters, Mark Mellman, wrote a thought-provoking column in The Hill predicting a speedy conclusion to the nomination fight—even with the presence of dozens of prospective candidates. Mellman anticipates that the 2020 primary process will look awfully similar to the bouts of primaries past, with a front-runner emerging after the February Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. “That intense burst of positive publicity is sufficient to fuel the rise of any candidate, while those who fail to partake in the victor’s spoils never catch up,” Mellman writes.

If Mellman is right, he’s betting on history over the emerging dynamics of this large, unpredictable field. But the huge roster of credible candidates, the presence of Democratic nomination rules allocating delegates proportionally, and a drawn-out calendar with ample early voting all suggest that the 2020 process will be a never-ending mess.

Here’s why there’s a real chance that the Democratic nominee could end up being chosen at the convention—or at least deep into the months-long primary calendar…

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This drawn out process will hurt Democrats by forcing them to fight among themselves. It will also fracture the base into different camps. Get your popcorn ready.


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