Woke Military Having Trouble Recruiting – Army Coming Up Thousands Short

The United States Military has embraced social justice and far left ‘woke’ values and now it’s affecting their bottom line.

Recruitment is down across the board, among all branches.

It turns out that the people who would normally volunteer to serve and risk their lives defending the nation are not that interested in being lectured about how racist they are or about how to use the right pronouns.

The Army is way down in numbers.

The New York Post reports:

Citing recruiting woes, Army will be short up to 28,000 troops by 2023

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In a stunning admission to a House Armed Services Committee panel Tuesday, the Army’s number two officer acknowledged that the service will likely be understrength by at least 7,000 soldiers when the fiscal year ends on Sept. 30.

Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Joseph Martin also confirmed that the Army notified a House military personnel panel that it expects to have between 445,000 and 452,000 soldiers at the end of fiscal 2023, a 28,000-soldier drop from the original end strength the Army projected for 2023.

Martin’s spokesperson, Lt. Col. Loni Ayers, provided an emailed statement to Army Times clarifying that Martin “stated the estimated end strength for FY22 is 466.4K. Our estimated end strength for FY23 is between 445-452K.”

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Martin’s admission indicates a significant shortfall of soldiers from the Army’s target end strength of 473,000, plus an even steeper drop-off for the following year, which was originally programmed for 476,000 troops.

But even those numbers belie the enormity of the recruiting crisis the Army faces — the service began the fiscal year with an end strength target of 485,000, but slashed it by 12,000 (and recruiting goals by 15,000) in April when it realized it wouldn’t make those numbers.

Conservative talk host Jesse Kelly, who served in the Marines, has been talking about this issue.

This is going to become a national security issue at some point.

Who is going to defend our nation?


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