Wolf Blitzer Doesn’t Want To Talk About The FISA Memo For A Ridiculous Reason (VIDEO)

Rep. Chris Stewart was on CNN today to talk about the newly released memo. All Wolf Blitzer wanted to talk about was the process of releasing it, which he painted as purely partisan and an attack on Democrats.

Stewart ultimately asked him why he didn’t want to talk about what was in the memo.

Here’s a partial transcript from The Federalist:

Blitzer: “So many of your colleagues … they say what you did, you voted against releasing the Democratic report, all of the Republicans did along strict party lines. You voted in favor of releasing the Republican report, congressman.”

Stewart: “No, that’s not true. We voted to release the Democratic report, we voted to release it to the House of Representatives.”

Blitzer: “Yeah, but not at the same time as the Republican — you wanted to hold off, you wanted it to go through what they call a scrubbing process. You voted in favor of releasing the Republican report right away. You didn’t vote in favor of releasing the Democratic report right away.”

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Stewart: “Well, we went through the same process with both of them. But, Wolf, let me ask you this –”

Blitzer: “There were two votes. There were two votes, and they were both strictly along party lines.”

Stewart: “Wolf, why are we talking about that instead of talking about the contents of this memo?”

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Here’s the video:

It almost seems like Wolf Blitzer works for the Democrats.


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