Woman’s Unreal ‘Driving Through Detroit At Night’ Video Goes Viral: Watch it Here

Driving Through Detroit

A woman made a short video of herself driving through the City of Detroit at night and then posted it on Twitter.

The video has since gone viral as it shows a once great American city which now resembles something in the Third World.

Even the Daily Mail reported on it:

Prostitutes dancing on the sidewalk, fires in the street and a man being run-down by a car: Chilling video shows what it is like driving through Detroit at night

It has become known as a mecca of violent crime and poverty, and now a viral video is giving an unpleasant view of Detroit after dark.

The clip, called Driving through Detroit at night, was filmed by a woman who was a passenger in a car going around the Motor City and was posted to Twitter at the weekend.

It shows terrifying scenes of gangs gathered on the sidewalk, prostitutes lifting up their skirts and dancing, and even a man being run over by a car on purpose.

The video is short and contains no talking, just chilling images of Detroit.

Watch it all below:

That’s just sad.

And a little scary.


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