Women’s March Activists And Other Supposed Feminists Curiously Silent About Iran Protests

The protests currently happening in Iran have featured women’s rights. Many of the female protesters have made a statement by removing their hijabs and head scarves. Meanwhile, her in the U.S. the supposed feminist groups like the Women’s March have remained silent. Why?

Red State reports:

American Feminists Embarrassingly Silent On Iran Protests

Even as a brave woman has become the symbolic face of the Iranian protests, American feminists have remained embarrassingly silent.

A few days ago, a young Iranian woman removed her hijab and stood silently, waving a white shawl tied to a pole like a flag. Photos and videos of her have gone viral, and her image has become a symbol of the protests, with social media users using an image of her as their profile photo.

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Liberal feminist groups in America have been busy this year, knitting pink hats with cat ears, organizing marches, dressing up like characters from The Handmaid’s Tale, and tweeting their #Resistance panic that the Trump administration will soon chain all of us ladies in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant, where we’ll be forced to make sandwiches and watch Archie Bunker.

With all that worrying about rights being taken away from us, you’d think that a story about women who are actually facing systemic gender-based oppression would be an obvious rallying cry.

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The fact that American “feminists” are silent speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

They don’t care about women. They care about the American left.


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