WONDERFUL! Reddit Users Raise $160,000 For Disabled Chicago Torture Victim

The nation was shocked by a recent crime in Chicago which involved the torture of a disabled man by captors yelling “F” Trump at him and broadcasting it live on the internet.

Since then, members of the internet community on Reddit have helped raise a big pile of cash for the victim.

The New York Post reports:

Reddit users raise $160K for Facebook hate-crime victim

Reddit users reportedly raised $160,000 for the man abused in a Facebook Live video last week that drew outrage from community leaders and got the attention of President Obama, who called the video “despicable.”

Razor Sheldon, who was identified in The Washington Post as the man behind the UpliftingNews subreddit, told the paper that he first set the goal at $5,000—to show the man that people out there cared. But donations surged. The report said as of Wednesday morning, 5,000 people from all 50 states have donated.

The attorney for the 18-year-old victim said his client’s family is working class with modest means. The money will help him going forward in treatment, he said.

“My clients are overwhelmed with the warm, kind generosity of perfect strangers,” Neal Strom, the lawyer said in a statement to The Chicago Sun-Times. “It just came out of the clear blue sky…It shows that there are good people out there after all [the victim] has been through.

There are lots of good people in America.

Thank God.

UPDATE: They have now raised over $175,000! You can see the GoFundMe page here.

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