Worried Chris Matthews Tells Democrats To ‘Sober Up’ For 2020, Fears Another Historic Loss (VIDEO)

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews is right every once in a while and now may be one of those times. He is worried that the far left is going to push Democrats into another loss in 2020.

He compared it to the historic loss of George McGovern in 1972.

News Busters reports:

Worried Matthews Warns Dems to ‘Sober Up,’ Fears Another McGovern

I think the message to Democrats is don’t blow this one. You blew it in 2016. You lost to Trump. Nobody should have ever lost to Trump. You could do it again. So don’t go with having a lot of fun in next year and a half, following the flavor-of-the-month stuff. Don’t enjoy yourself. Sober up. Pick the best candidate to beat Trump.

Because nobody wants to be around the Democratic Party the day after losing to Trump twice. Nobody’s gonna be forgiven for that. So shake yourselves up, sober up, and pick the guy that can prevent this guy from staying in the White House for, as he put it, eight years.

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And they can easily lose. I talked to somebody in Pennsylvania yesterday, you know him. He’s a Republican in Montgomery county. And they’re talking 45 states if it’s Bernie. The Democrats can lose this war next time. And they live in a bubble.

And that’s been their big problem. A lot of people up in Pennsylvania, and places like that, think the Democrats have been having one hell of party the last few years and they weren’t invited.

You know, I have a political memory which disturbs me sometimes, but it is disturbing. I remember being at the Miami convention in 1972 as a volunteer for the DNC, I was working in press relations and I watched a group of people giddily dancing in a circle. Literally dancing with happiness because George McGovern was gonna be the nominee.

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They were so thrilled….They were gonna enjoy this. But they weren’t thinking about November even then. They thought winning the convention was the whole game.

Watch the video:

Matthews makes some very good points here.

You have to wonder how Bernie can keep saying that the Boston Bomber should be able to vote.

Does he even hear himself?


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